Teardrops in Amsterdam

“Teardrops in Amsterdam” is a mash-up I made from sampling Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” and Jon Hassell’s “Amsterdam Blue (Cortége)”.

I stripped down both songs, taking out some instrumentals and other elements. For instance, I isolated the trumpet from “Amsterdam Blue” and then spliced them into certain parts of the track. The sound in the “Teardrop” sample is subdued and the bass decreased.




You can see how much I stripped down the Massive Attack & Jon Hassell samples. I took this screenshot before I deleted the last 20 seconds of the “Teardrop” (top) sample. You might also notice the copy & paste technique I used on the “Amsterdam Blue” (bottom) sample, because some rhythms are repeated. However, I didn’t want to have a pattern, so I only inserted the trumpet in particular sections of the track.

If you look at the spectrogram, you’ll see the dynamics between the two samples. For instance, when the sound on “Teardrop” is subtle and restrained, the trumpet and other instrumentals on “Amsterdam Blue” takes over.

The two samples allow each other to stand out more, and then they finally converge in harmony near the end of the track.