Digital Ephemera

One of the aspects of the internet that is both wonderful and disappointing is the relatively short span of attention we give to fresh content. As soon as something new comes along, we tend to regard “yesterday’s news” as something that eventually winds up in a black hole. However, the reality is that they’ll remain floating in the vastness of cyberspace until every trace of it–bits of data cemented in cached pages, wayback machines and clouds–is permanently deleted.

When you gather these seemingly ephemeral items and view it as a kind of narrative, they regain their liveliness once again. That’s when you realize that our perception of what is transient and immortal becomes completely irrelevant to the true nature of time.



A Picasso-esque horse I drew on Microsoft Paint whilst high on LSD. 2007.


179th and Hillside, Queens, NY. 2008. Taken with a Sony Cybershot.


Gmail conversation thread. 2012.


Matamoros, Mexico. Spring 2008.


An entry on someone’s Tumblr page. 2011.