Wild Beasts Among Us


legal research

I’ve been doing 10-hour legal research work for a company in Florida. Great gig and awesome client, but the adventures through LexisNexis, Westlaw and Casetext (my favorite platform) led me to some pretty dark corners of the American judicial system and the human psyche.

It also inspired to write a journalist essay about one particular case that caught my attention. Read the highlighted parts in the screenshot at your own risk. It’s pretty bloody.

Anyway, I was gathering some different sources pertaining to the case and I just went in a trance and wrote a block paragraph about my thoughts on violence and the law. I think I’ll include it in the essay later on, but probably a more refined and polished version. Here’s the raw unadulterated text:

The more homicide and rape cases I polluted my soul with, the closer I came to the beauty of law despite the justice system’s many flaws. I realized that our codes and civil processes are an attempt to bring sanity to this chaotic civilization; a sedative pill to counter the passions of people. I’ve spent too many nights reading about armed robbers beating an elderly gas station clerk in the face with a tire iron; gang members raping two teenage girls and then stomping their necks until every bone was broken; a desperate drug addict bludgeoning his former co-workers to death with a paint can, and then partially decapitating them with a bread knife. When I stepped back from my research (or perhaps it’s violence pornography), my opinion of human beings was reaffirmed: there are many good people, but we are all essentially a herd of wild animals stuck in this abandoned Noah’s Ark called Earth. The legal system is essentially a zoo and the zookeepers are animals just like us—their shit smells, they fuck mindlessly like the rest of us, their temptations are guided by primitive instincts—but they try to be something more than just filthy beasts. However, in truth, they’re not anymore evolved than the rest of us. That’s the scary conclusion: law and order is an illusion—a social construct—and people are increasingly becoming aware of this fact. The animal in them can turn saints into killers and child rapists with the flip of a switch, and they know the society is crumbling. We’ve gone back to the wild.