“Michael, you make me talk so much about myself. You traveled deep into my soul.”


Listening to your voice notes on WhatsApp when I’m slowly drifting to sleep is almost always the highlight of my day. I can picture you in the Kuala Lumpur traffic jam as you tell me about your work and family issues, or an interesting thing you read or saw.

When I wake up and you’re getting ready for bed, you tell me things like, “I don’t have anything happy to talk about besides my wishes, dreams and fantasies. My thoughts are dark. My poems…they all come from a place I’ve been trying to get out from.”


Her: “I went shopping for toiletries and forgot something.”

Me: “Toiletries shopping is the best.”

Her: “Let’s do it together!”

Me: “Ok. I’ll buy my tampons with you, boo.”

Her: “Haha…and where are you gonna stick it in?”

Me: “You don’t wanna know.”


“In Malay there’s this saying that goes ‘jauh di mata, dekat di hati.’ It means far from sight yet close to heart.”


Her: Okay. My colleagues are talking about horror movies now. I don’t wanna pay attention to them.

Me: Why are you so scared of everything?

Her: Cos I just am. Clearly I need protection.

Me: That’s what condoms are for.



I can talk to you forever and never run out of words to say. I can sit in silence next to you for hours and feel comfortable with the quietude.