A Stack of Old Letters Sitting on My Desk

[Her original message to me is missing.]

Dear Ada,

I wanted to thank you for your kind words and support. I have read your original content, mostly personal prose, and I can already see the makings of a brilliant writer. You have many more years ahead of you to grow as a writer, but more importantly, grow as a person. That will help you sharpen your craft. If we don’t make mistakes and learn, and grow, then what else can we offer to the world that’s worthy of reading?

I read my old poems recently, which I wrote when I was 18, and the content and “atmosphere” of those poems reflected my mentality at the time, and how I perceived the world. Nothing we ever write is shameful or embarrassing. Look at your body of work as if it were a Rosetta Stone, filled with pictographs that tell your personal history.

You have a gift and you’re honest. Take that honesty—about yourself, your life and your thoughts—and articulate it into creative writing. No matter what you choose as a vehicle for your voice, keep on writing. You’re on my radar. I’m reading whatever you publish. I would love to watch you evolve as a wordsmith and as a person in general.

I would improve my writing and I believe that I’ll never stop aiming on that, and if by chance we meet on a job, in exile, or wherever, rest assured I would owe a bit of it to you.

– Ada

I’m looking forward to that. I hope we cross paths one day, preferably in a war zone. But at a coffee shop in London would be fine as well.



There was much to admire in your work, and we particularly enjoyed reading ‘Armed with an Arsenal of Night Lights’ as it presented to us a narrative landscape stunningly wrought with haunting imagery and innovative use of language. We also quite loved the emotive complexity introduced in the first stanza.

– Shinjini Bhattacharjee, Editor-in-Chief, Hermeneutic Chaos

Thank you for your feedback and insights. Behind every great writer is an army of supporters, and editors such as yourself make up a good portion of that group. I have great respect for editors and it disappoints me that they don’t get enough credit. Keep doing what you do.



I love your wording, your unique comparisons, and I love the way you follow through with your metaphors and create complete pictures.


Thank you so much. I actually wrote your comment on a Post-It note and posted it on my wall, next to my desk. It reminded me to follow through with my metaphors and create complete pictures. You illustrate how writing can be a feedback loop between the writer and the reader. Writing is almost always a solitary undertaking and it’s always refreshing when someone makes you stop, step back a bit and think about the whole process.