The Evolution of a Pokémon


Project 4, Manila, Philippines. 1988.

Doing the Baby Jesus pose with the KFC bucket hat on my dome.


Doing the Home Alone pose before the movie even came out. Trendsetter since day one tbh. Philippines circa 1989. With Daddy Ming, one of the many people who helped raise my bratty ass because my parents kicked me out of the house at age 1 for being a bum (╯_╰)


Mid-90s. Queens, NY. My birthday party at McDonald’s back when that was still a thing. Those are my godsisters. I’m still the same height. The Hamburglar is always hating.


Queens, NY. Sometime in the 1990s.

I was confused about the concept of a fat man flying around the world in record-time with the help of a reindeer with a glowing red nose to deliver presents. This picture captured the exact moment my mind was blown. My life has never been the same since then.


I always come thru with the drinks. I was the original Champagne Papi. Ok, maybe Pepsi Papi.


I actually “caught” something with my bootleg fishing rod, which is why I looked so happy. Except it wasn’t fish; it was a syringe that got entangled with my string. Heroin addicts probably hung out there at night.


My dad used to take me to parks around Queens. I miss Autumns in New York City.


Queens, NY. 1994. I stole that Puerto Rican girl’s Snickers and Nerds when she wasn’t looking. The Red Ranger can do whatever the fuck he wants.


Jacket game on point. Rappers pray to this picture before they sleep every night. They used to call me Ice Cream Flacco back in the day, because I was cold & sweet with the basketball skills. But mainly because I liked rocket pops.


1996, probably. Brooklyn, NY. Asian aesthetics. Marvin the Martian shirt. My mom had a better haircut than me.


Circa 1997. Houston, TX.

The evolution of bad haircuts. I was the only kid in school rockin’ the Harlem, NY tee and talking about the Black Power movement with clueless classmates during lunch.


Just a young OG from Jamaica, Queens rockin’ that flea market hoodie.


Country club aesthetic; Brooklyn hood attitude.