Stream of Consciousness – Triptych


Stream of Consciousness 01

tranquil waters in lake titicaca turn yellow and orange and other fire colors when the sun sets behind the andes and i wonder if el dorado will rise to give me midas touch turning everything i hold dear into wealth and i’ll feel lonely and angry and sad because everyone i love and come across would become inanimate objects and there are vagrants trying to storm my castle but i won’t care because i’m bored and blasé and all my conversations are really monologues how alienated you must feel in your cardboard box watching shadows dance through the peephole of your soul

Stream of Consciousness 02

i can’t find you in my coordinates please send me a signal to let me know if you’re real and not a product of deconstructed analogies of my past life in which i was a sailor from andalusia who daydreamed on ships and wrote poetry on the crow’s nest when the captain wasn’t looking and i probably died because i was too much of a dreamer and i sleepwalked overboard and drowned in the warm july pacific my blood mixing with the ink of my pen but you could just be a hologram planted in my mind and that my entire existence is just one epic mindfuck and i’m really just a fictional character in a straight-to-dvd movie played by an actor who resides in a shitty motel on sunset boulevard i’m sure you’re real i’m sure i’m sure i’m sure i’m sure

Stream of Consciousness 03

smoking back to back to back cigarettes in the back of my black cadillac in the back of my house staring at a full moon with a blank facial expression hypnotized until i can only see stars and asteroid belts unbuckling exposing your deepest fears and i don’t care that the neighbors find my coltrane too loud because it drowns out the train passing through my thought cloud and at this very moment i’m alive and each breath i exhale dents the atmosphere accompanied by lassos of smoke trying to wrangle an insomniac’s sheep he lost count of at 99 and i tell him hey you’re somewhere in the hundreds and he says he’ll have to start all over again and now he’s wide awake but he’s really asleep he just doesn’t know it