American Flag, Revised

“American Corporatocracy”

American Corporatocracy


This is a hyper-manipulated photo of an office building in the Museum District of Houston.



“American Sons & Daughters”

American Sons & Daughters

This flag represents the dead young black, Latino, Asian, Muslim and low-income whites killed in the hands of police officers between 2014 and the present. Although a staggering majority of those shot, strangled, beaten or tasered are African-Americans, anyone can be a victim of America’s growing police state. This is not to say that I agree with “All Lives Matter,” but rather believe that the lives of those who are poor and powerless do not matter at all to the elites of this country. With that in mind, it’s apparent that all lives don’t matter–only those born into privilege.

The X’s overlapping the stars represents the dead. The “stripes” of the flag is a spreadsheet of all the names of those killed by police. So many people have been killed that we resort to bureaucratic processes just to keep up with the data–a detached, mechanical task similar to how the Khmer Rouge documented their victims before murdering them in the Killing Fields.

I purposely blurred it because that’s how a majority of Americans perceive them: background noise, faceless, just another statistic.