Your Television is Experiencing a Slight Timeline Convergence

I was inspired to create these images after re-watching classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. When televisions were first introduced to consumers, the technology behind it fascinated people. It seemed like a magical box that projected different realities into your living room. Whether it’s Johnny Depp in a pirate costume or soldiers fighting in the Pacific—staged or documentary—what you see on the television screen are images from a completely different dimension.

Essentially, what you see on the screen are visions from the past. Even live news reportage is simply a sequence of transient images that come and go in a matter of milliseconds. If television can bring us the past, could its receivers intercept images from the future?

Being a theoretical physics geek, I started to think about the “Many Worlds Theory” and other theories which posit that there are multiple different realities taking place at once. The photographs in this series are actually shots of old photos I’ve taken and saved on my computer. I simply photographed these photos on my laptop screen, thus layering 3 different realities in one image: the actual event that was captured on camera, the photograph preserved in my hard drive, and the new hyper-manipulated photo in this series.

Many of the settings in the photos were taken in familiar places, such as the lifelike sculptures at a park, but because the photo is so heavily-modified, it’s not an exact representation of that particular park and becomes something from an alternate reality, a park in another dimension.











This series is part of a larger project (photography book) called Idios + Koisnos Kosmos: Convergence of the Private & Shared World


An image from Your Television is Experiencing a Slight Timeline Convergence was published as the cover of Santa Clara Review’s Volume 103, Issue 1. Shout-out once again to editor Stephen H.