Poetic Discourse

[Note: a former version of this series was originally published in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, March 2014 Issue.]

Yeats - “Consume my heart away; sick with desire.” (Sailing To Byzantium)


I know her body so well that I can trace
the scars on her wrist with my fingers
and read her like a poem in Braille.


Frost - “For the wood wakes, and you are here for proof


I’ve played her laughter so often
on my turntable that I’ve composed
symphonies with it on frosted windows.


Blake - “Round the tombs where my loves lay.” (Broken Love)

Poe - “That like the murmur in the shell.” (Al Aaraaf)


I woke up to the morning call to prayer,
and the arch of your back was the first thing I saw.
If it had been a mirage, I would’ve photocopied
your image and taped it to reality.

– excerpt from War Correspondence, a book of verse.


Mark Strand - Wherever I am I am what's missing


Michael Raqim Mira © 2016.