Maps – Mindanao

Some of these maps are a bit old, but I doubt much has changed in a lot of these places. I need to familiarize myself with the geography, terrain and cultures (languages/dialects, religions, customs) of the region.

There are so many different individual cases all over the country. It will be damn near impossible to do field research in every one, so I want to focus on major hot spots, which is why I want to spend a lot of time in Mindanao. 

2834-IVAliceReef Topo (PRINT A COPY)

2934-ISimunulIsland Topo (PRINT A COPY)

3138-IIJolo Topo (PRINT A COPY)

3340-IZamboangaCity Topo (PRINT A COPY)

3939-IIBanga Topo (PRINT A COPY)



I’m going to be hiking and climbing around these mountains and hills, interviewing survivors and possible witnesses. I also want to take photographs of the school where the murders of Lumad leaders took place.




The war between the government and the terrorists will only increase the atrocities from both sides, unfortunately. There are too many things going on at once in the country, but I have to concentrate on approaching this methodically. I can’t let current events knock me off course (unless the events are related to my investigation).