Weekend Update

“The Get Down” is one of the greatest series Netflix has ever produced. The spirit of the Bronx lives on. You guys don’t know how much this show means to me. Hip hop is partially the reason why I began writing poetry in the first place. After writing a 100-page essay on crime, art, politics and socioeconomics in the South Bronx last year, I appreciate this masterpiece even more. Osu!

In a suspended state, floating, drifting, not knowing where I’ll land when reality grounds me again.

I can’t wait until I print this blog into an actual journal. It’ll look so clean on paper. WordPress is essentially my digital writing pad. Some of my better posts–like essays and photo series–will vanish from this website and re-appear in the print journal.

I went to San Antonio with my friend just to eat at Jim’s at 1 in the morning. We spent more time in the car talking and cracking jokes than actually going around SA. We stopped by Woman Hollering Creek though. If you’re a Texas native or you’re familiar with the folklore of La Llorona, then parking your car there in the middle of the night is a must. Didn’t hear her ghostly cries, only dead silence, which was kind of more unnerving.


I’m ready to fly away already. After Asia, after my investigative project is done (which technically will never be fully completed as human rights is an ongoing issue worldwide), I want to disappear in a hamlet somewhere in Europe. Perhaps I’ll go to a monastic village in Italy or a cabin in the Alps.