This now-defunct magazine/film festival was actually instrumental in my decision to practice filmmaking. I bought this at my favorite used books store in the Philippines during my senior year of high school.


Side note: I also discovered a thick, lightly tattered post-modern poetry anthology at that same bookstore, which in turn changed the way I wrote poetry ever since, so I owe a lot to that shop.

I dreamed of screening my digital short films at RESFest one day. I had a lot of ambitions when I was 17. I planned on studying at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art); buy a hoopty and drive to Alaska from Texas; do volunteer work in South Africa; start my own jazz band; and open my own t-shirt shop.

Looking at this magazine reminds me of the youthful energy and idealism I had. When RES, both the magazine and the film fest, shut its doors in 2006, I still had hoped that it would come back sometime in the near future. Sadly, that day never came.


You inspired many young dreamers like me.