Throw the World Over Your Shoulders

In Islam, there’s a gesture you do before you begin prayer, in which you raise both of your hands towards your shoulders, kind of like when a cop tells you to “put’em up” (and then shoots you afterwards). It signifies throwing the world over your shoulders, so that you can concentrate on your prayer, meditations and communication with God.

The external world does not exist when you’re in that zone, even if you’re shoulder-to-shoulder in a mosque full of people.

When I’m in my zone with only a desk lamp as my source of light, nothing else matters to me. Whether I’m writing a new verse, sketching the concept for a painting or immersed in a graphic design project in Photoshop, I become fully hypnotized by what’s in front of me.

People sometimes ask me, “How can you do so much with such little time?”
I have no magic powers. I simply suspend time and throw the world over my shoulders.