Le Coup au Coeur

I got a tattoo based on Magritte’s painting,”Le Coup au Coeur (The Blow to the Heart)”. It’s about the dangers of falling in love with a beautiful woman, and was about Magritte’s troubled marriage.

I replaced the dagger with a balisong (butterfly knife) because it symbolized the toughness and work ethic of Filipino people. In the rural areas of Batangas where the balisong originated from, farmers carried balisongs as a utility knife and weapon. Despite the stereotypes, the balisong is not just used for fighting. It also symbolizes our heritage as an agrarian working society.

Another cool thing about the tattoo is that the leaves on the rose was based on the leaves that grow in front of my house, so I always have a piece of home wherever I go. The artist, Kuya Raige (Monster Artists Collective – Lucena City, Philippines), is so talented that he freestyled the whole tattoo using a 25-cent Bic pen I bought at a dollar store in Houston; no stencil necessary.