China Faktory No. 382

I pass for Mexican 80% of the time and you can’t see my Chinese lineage, but I did get my business sense from them. One day, I will run for mayor in this humble town of mine. I don’t have an economics or finance degree. I have never worked as a Wall Street bankster (thankfully) or local CPA, but I have a decade worth of experience in entrepreneurship. Some of my businesses failed, some succeeded quietly. In any case, I’ve been in the game for a while now and my hunger to innovate, help people, and push the boundaries of business has not waned.

So when my future-opponent questions my ability to boost the local economy, I want to be able to show some kind of evidence that I’m more than capable of running a town intelligently. I will create businesses and raise the GDP. I will provide jobs for thousands of people through my own businesses and even through the businesses of my friendly competitors. I want to show people that I’ve been helping the town’s economy way before I even entered politics.

They know me here. I’m the hometown kid with a shitload of tattoos who can chill with the homies in the slums; converse with the shop owners and retirees sitting on the porch; host dinners for the Bishop and other Catholic elite. These are not “my” people. I am part of the people.

My sole discomfort with business before was that it went against my anarchist, wannabe-revolutionary beliefs as a teenager. I told myself that I’m an artist; business is a different planet. I told myself to stick to my lane. But then I grew up and became realistic (without letting the dreamer in me die), and realized that if business and politics can help me help others, then that’s the road I should be on.