No Church in the Wild


I found an old abandoned African American church in North Carolina that’s been on the market for a while now. A state preservation organization is the current keeper.

I did my research and found out that a group of white teenagers and young adults vandalized the church in 2003. They even etched or tagged racial slurs inside.

I want to buy it, renovate it, and then establish a relationship with an African American congregation in the area and donate it to them.

If the surrounding land, which is all woodland, is also for sale, I’ll buy as many acres as I can. I want to develop tech parks in the area–whilst still maintaining and incorporating the natural environment–and encourage black tech entrepreneurs to set up shop there. I want to create a Silicon Valley of the South that not only encourages minorities to create tech start-ups, but educate (free coding schools) and incubate (venture capital) as well.

If it’s successful, I’ll employ the same thing in Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and Cleveland. Who knows, the next tech/business revolution could be born in that humble battered church in the woods.