Pokemon Trainer Club

I heard gunshots outside my window at around 3:20 AM. I live in a nice, quiet suburban neighborhood with an extremely low crime rate, so when you hear what sounds like gunshots, you definitely take notice. My tactical training took over and I crouched down behind my bed, away from the windows. I took my SBR out the closet and my 9mm and got ready to rock.

I did a clean sweep of the house, which was probably unnecessary, but it never hurts to be sure no one got in. There have been cases where burglars rob one house, get into a violent altercation with the owner, and then instead of fleeing to a getaway car, they panic and go into the backyard of a neighboring house to hide out. In some cases, they’ll try to go into that house to hole up or lay low because the police will arrive soon.

I turned off the light downstairs that I always keep on at night, so that anyone outside couldn’t see my silhouette or shadows. It also eliminates the glare on the windows, so that I can peer out to scope the situation outside. After smoking a cigarette and listening to any sounds around the neighborhood (it’s so quiet here that you can hear conversations from down the street). A dog was barking perhaps 10-15 yards away.

So I stayed in my backyard, in the dark, both guns hot, finger on the frame, ready to neutralize any perceived threat that enters my premises.

When I took the tactical course months ago, I actually thought that it was a waste of money. Although nothing happened tonight (thankfully), it made me realize that constant training–in anything–is very important.