I never thought I’d ask this, but, what’s the point of keeping this WordPress? I post sporadically now that I’ve begun using my Tumblr as my “personal” blog site. The intention for this WordPress site has always been to publish short articles, op-eds, and essays, as well as “field notes” on my work–whether as a private detective or a writer or whatever else I do.

However, I haven’t had time to work on those article drafts. Yes, drafts, meaning I haven’t even begun writing the drafts yet.

I just want less web footprints. As a private detective, I shouldn’t be this visible in the public in terms of my identity and thoughts. WordPress has the best SEO of any blog platform, which is why professionals, businesses and superstar bloggers/personalities use it as a host. I don’t need or care for that kind of traffic. I could care less if anyone ever reads my crap.

But it has become extra luggage. I don’t need multiple fragments of my web self to be dispersed so widely. One blog, one mind. Blogging has always been a part of my life since I was a teenager, since I first created a Xanga account in 2003. So I will never stop blogging. However, I just need one centralized place to unload my notes, thoughts, marketing (for upcoming books/projects), etc.

I choose you, Pikachu!

Err…I meant, I choose Tumblr.

So yeah, this is my way of saying: I’m moving.

This is also my way of saying: We’re out of milk. Don’t you dare eat that box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch like chips. Don’t be a barbarian.